Ukrainian Dance Fundamentals

The School is comprised of students ranging in age from three and half to adult. The Fundamentals of Ukrainian Dance classes teach basic skills and steps to children from four to sixteen. Fundamentals classes run once to twice per week on various dates and times.

Our highest fundamental class, grade 7, dances two nights a week.

Throughout the year, dancers follow a pre-determined course of study, including set exercises at the barre, from the corner, and in the centre. These exercises are set to custom-orchestrated music. They complement the learning process and contribute to the overall long-term development of the dancer. Every new exercise and skill learned is like a fresh piece of a puzzle. 

When the puzzle is complete, a dancer should have the technical skills to work at a high dance level. In this manner, we ensure proper growth and critical skill development while providing students with a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in dance theatre, drama, and ethnography.

“In House” evaluations are offered annually. These evaluations build confidence and provide students with a sense of achievement and an indication of their technical ability.