Tryzub Festival

Founded in 1974, the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been dazzling audiences with energetic repertoire for the past 44 years. Proud to call Calgary home, Tryzub continues to bring to life the beauty and colour of Ukrainian dance and folklore. The Ensemble dancers range in age from 16 to 34 years. Over half of the members are students, either in high school or pursuing post-secondary education, while others are in the workforce. They receive no pay for their efforts, but dance to achieve a higher level of perfection.

The Ensemble rehearses an average of eight hours per week, with extra time required in preparation for performances, special projects, fundraising activities and maintenance of the Tryzub Dance Studios. Beyond their Ensemble commitments, several of the members also instruct at Ukrainian dance schools within Calgary and throughout Alberta.

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Through their dedication and commitment to excellence in Ukrainian dance, the members of the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble continue to reach new levels of technical and artistic ability. They continue the legacy… and we thank them.

Raz... Dva... Tryzub!