In September of 1974, seven dedicated individuals put together the framework for the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Calgary's first prominent Ukrainian dance group was created. The Ensemble was named after the Tryzub ('trident' in English, pronounced tre-zoob), which is the national symbol of a free Ukraine. This ancient emblem has endured within the hearts of all Ukrainians as a symbol of honesty, health, power and protection from evil. The objective of the Ensemble is to preserve and promote Ukrainian dancing and to spread this aspect of Ukrainian-Canadian culture within the multicultural community.  

In response to interest from parents for a Ukrainian dance school that would prepare its students for direct progression into the Ensemble, the Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance was created in 1996. The School is comprised of 150 students enrolled in fundamentals classes, a junior performing ensemble, and adult classes.

Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society, encompassing the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and the Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance, is a non-profit, non-affiliated charitable organization, managed by a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated volunteers representing all pillars of our Society: Tryzub School, Tryzub's Ensemble and our Alumni. Through the dedication of numerous volunteers and the generous support through corporate and personal donations, Tryzub opened one of Calgary’s premiere dance facilities in the fall of 2008. It features three studios, each with sprung dance floors, full-length mirrors, and ballet barres. It also houses Tryzub’s vast collection of colorful, intricate costumes, created both locally and internationally.

Raz... Dva... Tryzub!