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Do you have a passion for Ukrainian dance, and a vision for Calgary's premier Ukrainian dance organization? We at Tryzub want YOU to be our next Artistic Director! Apply now!


Artistic Director Profile

Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society Overview:

In September of 1974, seven dedicated individuals put together the framework for the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and Calgary's first prominent Ukrainian dance group was created. The Ensemble was named after the Tryzub ('trident' in English, pronounced tre-zoob), which is the national symbol of a free Ukraine. This ancient emblem has endured within the hearts of all Ukrainians as a symbol of freedom, honesty, health, power, and protection from evil. The objective of the Ensemble is to preserve and promote Ukrainian dancing and to spread this aspect of Ukrainian-Canadian culture within the multicultural community.  

In response to interest from parents for a Ukrainian dance school that would prepare its students for direct progression into the Ensemble, the Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance was created in 1996. The School is comprised of 150 students enrolled in fundamentals classes, a junior performing ensemble, and adult classes.

The Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble:

Founded in 1974, the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has been dazzling audiences with energetic repertoire for the past 42 years. Proud to call Calgary home, Tryzub continues to bring to life the beauty and colour of Ukrainian dance and folklore. The Ensemble dancers range in age from 16 to 34 years. Over half of the members are students, either in high school or pursuing post-secondary education, while others are in the workforce. They receive no pay for their efforts, but dance as an expression of pride in their cultural heritage.

The Ensemble rehearses an average of eight hours per week, in addition to extra time spent on special projects, Society governance, fundraising activities, and maintenance of the Tryzub Dance Studios. Beyond their Ensemble commitments, several of the members also instruct at Ukrainian dance schools within Calgary and throughout Alberta.

Through their dedication and commitment to excellence in Ukrainian dance, the members of the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble continue to reach new levels of technical and artistic ability. They continue the legacy.

The Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance:

The Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance is an integral component of the Society. The School was created in 1996 in response to the need for a professionally operated dance school in Calgary, focusing on the development of future Ensemble members. The core values of the School are excellence, teamwork, community, and pride.

The School’s mission is to provide the best Ukrainian dance instruction available in Calgary, foster an atmosphere of learning, facilitate the technical training of its students, encourage an appreciation and love of Ukrainian dance, and prepare youth so they become the foundation of the Ensemble of tomorrow.

The School is comprised of students ranging in age from four to adult. The Fundamentals of Ukrainian Dance classes teach basic skills and steps to children from four to fourteen.  Junior Tryzub provides the opportunity for dancers 12 to 18 to increase their level of technical ability and develop the skills and passion that are Tryzub. The Tryzub Adult Class allows former Ensemble members, parents, and others to continue their love for Ukrainian dance in a recreational environment.

Organizational Structure:

Tryzub is the operational name for the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Society, a registered charity and not-for-profit society. It has a volunteer board of directors, elected at the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

The Artistic Director and School Director are both accountable to the Board and are responsible for the day to day operations of Tryzub. The School Director provides leadership and direction to all the business operations of the School. The Artistic Director provides leadership and direction of all artistic aspects of the Society. Both participate in strategic and annual planning and both are responsible for the achievement of the Society’s operational goals.


Position Profile:

The Artistic Director has primary accountability for the quality and success of every artistic aspect of both the Tryzub School of Ukrainian Dance and the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

The duties and responsibilities of the Artistic Director include:

  • Develops and implements the Society’s artistic vision in a manner that is challenging, entertaining, and educational.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for all aspects of the Society concerned with its artistic functions, including selecting region appropriate costuming and music.
  • Works with the School director to ensure all instructors are educating and growing the School students in the fundamentals of Ukrainian dance.
  • Implements a syllabus of instruction for the School, facilitating progression of students dance capabilities to the level of the Ensemble. Develops and uses all resources to ensure Ensemble dancers are challenged and engaged in the activities in the studio.
  • Attends all regularly scheduled rehearsals of the Ensemble and the School.
  • Attends Tryzub Board of Directors meetings on a monthly basis.
  • Attends all performances, public gatherings, and community functions of both the Ensemble and the School.
  • Develops, builds, and nurtures good relationships with artistic community, donors, sponsors, and key government funders.
  • Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with the Board of Directors, the School Director and the community.
  • Promotes the Society through effective donor relations, stewardship, and general public relations.
  • Nurtures good relationships with the artistic community and key government stakeholders.
  • Selects and choreographs storylines and dances that resonate with a diverse group of stakeholders and audiences.
  • Develops and manages all activities relating to the artistic development of productions and performances.
  • Maintains high artistic standards for all productions produced and presented by the Society.
  • Through collaboration with the Board of Directors and School Director, assists in the financial stability and success of the organization.
  • Engages in organizational management of rehearsals through scheduling, lesson planning, and/or performance preparation timelines.

Key Selection Criteria:

As the ideal candidate, you have a broad knowledge of Ukrainian Dance history in Ukraine and Canada. You bring a wide, personal knowledge of choreographers and instructors of diverse dance backgrounds and have the ability to create and maintain a high level of engagement from members of the Ensemble to entertain a diverse group of audiences and the Ukrainian community. You have successfully staged productions and dances that have been well received by a range of audiences and have been financially successful.

You possess an excellent ability to communicate with all groups within the society and with audiences and stakeholders in the broader community including funding partners, sponsors, and the general public. You have excellent written skills and have background and knowledge associated with working with and stewarding organizational funders and donors.

You have the innate ability to drive results from the members of the Ensemble and School students, and to instill a sense of pride and passion for celebrating the richness of the Ukrainian culture.  You are able to translate this passion to performances that inspire a love of Ukrainian dance from audiences around the world.

You have a strong capacity for leadership and the ability to instill a vibrant team spirit. You are also able to work collaboratively with the School Director and, together, create financially sustainable performances and productions that entertain, educate, and challenge audiences.

Your artistic ability has been demonstrated through your passion in Ukrainian dance and gives you the foundation to create dances and productions that appeal to a wide range of tastes and raise the community’s appreciation of Ukrainian dance. You are able to think out, write, and communicate an Artistic Plan, to continuously evaluate that plan, and reshape it to meet the needs of the current situation. You demonstrate insight into the changing demographics and tastes of existing and potential audiences and future performers, and are eager to bring your innovation to engaging these audiences through Ukrainian dance.

Required Competencies:

As the ideal candidate, you demonstrate the following competencies.

Innovation: You are innovative and creative. You critically appraise how things have been done in the past and develop new ways to address issues or problems. You view tactical problems or initiatives from a broad perspective and emphasize solutions that support strategic objectives. You generate new ideas/solutions that can be successfully implemented.

Creativity: You have the energy and imagination needed to achieve results with often limited resources. Your ability to uncover new ways of doing things with a fresh perspective has allowed you to be successful despite daunting challenges because you believe in the organization and its potential.

Managing Vision & Purpose: You are inspiring and visionary.  You have a strong sense of core purpose and can see possibilities beyond today.  You can create milestones and symbols to rally support for your vision.  Your vision is shareable by everyone.  You are optimistic, inspiring and able to motivate dancers, students, parents and board members.

Clear, Collaborative Communication: You have exceptional interpersonal and relationship development skills; you establish productive relationships with dancers, parents, board members and other key stakeholders.  You can compel others through well-developed oral and written communications skills.  You are a team player who works collaboratively with business partners and colleagues, continually looking out for what is best for the organization.

Planning and Organization: You set realistic goals and manage progress toward goal completion. You identify and use good processes and procedures for managing work. You develop contingency plans in anticipation of possible obstacles. You effectively manage the time of the dancers and can demonstrate the ability to meet production deadlines. You effectively manage multiple projects, demands and competing deadlines. You consistently attain goals because of your planning and organizing abilities.

Integrity: You are ethical and honest in all your business dealings. You are ethical and honest in all your dealings with people. You are fair in your expectations of others. You hold yourself to a high standard and will always do what is right.

Teamwork and Collaboration: You build and maintain cooperative work relationships with others. You listen to and value the input of others. You collaborate effectively in meetings and informal interactions. You commit to supporting the larger group effort.  You assist others in the completion of their tasks to support group goals.

Organizational Savvy: You understand the social and political dynamics within the organization. You build and maintain partnerships and alliances across organizational boundaries. You use cross-organizational skills and understanding to effectively facilitate the needs and objectives of the society.

Relationship Management: You value relationships within, across and outside the organization. You actively build and maintain relationships within and outside the Ukrainian community that support business goals. You personalize work relationships to facilitate smooth operations. You allocate time and effort to understanding and meeting the needs of internal or external stakeholders.

Application Procedure:

1. Interested parties are to submit a CV/Resumes to [email protected]. Resumes will be accepted until a suitable candidate is found

2. Committee will review applications and respond to successful candidates

3. Choreography videos will be requested

4. Interview with Selection committee

5. In studio workshop with Ensemble members

6. Interview with Board Chair and School Director

7. Formal offer will be made to successful candidate by Tryzub Board of Directors


Calgary, AB, Canada

Calgary sits in the sunny eastern foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet.

It is the major urban centre for the entire southern half of the province of Alberta, and is surrounded by an area of profound beauty with an unspoiled, resource-rich natural environment.

It is no surprise to Calgarians that their home has been ranked the 5th most livable city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit from 2009-2015. Population density is low, quality of life is high, and housing abundant.

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What is the top priority of most Calgarians? Sustaining this city’s superb quality of life. This means ensuring the economic, environmental, health and wellness, recreational, educational and social service advantages that Calgarians have today will be here in the future.

A World of Dance

Interested in taking a dance class? Calgary embraces the traditional, the modern and everything in between. There are hundreds of dance schools, academies, teachers, classes and venues in the city for training at all ages and levels.

The University of Calgary offers Alberta’s only bachelor’s program in dance.