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Studio Open for Fall Registration & Mask Wearing - Aug 8, 2020

Exciting news!

With Alberta's Phase II relaunch plan Tryzub has now re-opened our studio!

Our Covid Committee, Board, volunteers and staff have worked hard to make this happen. 

For those dancers registered, Tryzub's Covid Response and Management Plan is available for viewing on your Dance-Studio-Pro account.

Registration for fall classes is open.  Click here for a link to start the registration process.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions on what matters to you about re-opening our Tryzub Studios can be forwarded to [email protected]

In accordance with the the City of Calgary's Mask Bylaw, the wearing of masks is required for staff, volunteers and anyone who needs to enter the facility. Registered dancers with Tryzub do not require a mask to enter the facility as long as they are maintaining physical distancing.

All the best!